Oh, How I’ve Failed You, Knittery Goddesses!

Now, last month I did not do a second post! But I will tell you what I did do. . .  And I’ll make up for it by having more pictures! Like a real blog, gosh-darnit! (I don’t actually say ‘gosh-darnit,’ ever, as I have quite the sailor’s use of language, but let’s pretend.)

I came back to Pittsburgh, where I’ve been flabbergasted by the way it lulls me into a false sense of security with a day of warmth, sunshine, and blue skies, and then it watches me eat sidewalk as I slide on icy remnants of winter! When I’m finally on the ground, it kicks me in the butt, as if to say, “You fool! You senseless fool! This is winter, and you, foolish fool, need to dress more warmly, and finish those fingerless gloves!”

What fingerless gloves, you ask? These. . .

© Valentina Georgieva

© Valentina Georgieva

Aren’t they beautiful?

I’m knitting them in Shepherd’s Wool in the color Seafoam (I think). I bought the yarn from my LYS, Knit One.

I actually started them, only to realize I didn’t have enough yarn left, so ran out to get another. Of course, I encountered a dazzling nymph – and by dazzling nymph, I mean beautiful yarn within my price range ($7) —

Shepherd's Wool in Seafoam and Berrocco Vintage in Edlerberry

Shepherd’s Wool in Seafoam and Berrocco Vintage in Edlerberry

I’ve also gotten this beautiful yarn – which I got from a great website I’ll plug, in case you haven’t heard of them! I sure hadn’t before! (This is not any kind of sponsored anything, I just really loved my order from them!)

Malabrigo Lace in "Periwinkle"

Malabrigo Lace in “Periwinkle”

This yarn is from Fabulous Yarn.com. I found them by googling “Malabrigo lace” and they came up first. Not only was this yarn cheaper on their website – by $4 compared to where I was going to get it from – than any place I cross-checked with, shipping was FREE! Did you hear me? FREE!

And in the mail, they gave me a coupon for an extra 5 percent off my next order!

They event have an e-club, which, if you join, gets you a percentage off every single order you make! How cool is that?

For Christmas, my boyfriend gave me this beautiful Cascade lace yarn, but I wanted to make something substantial, so I bought this yarn to be its friend! I don’t know exactly what I’ll make yet, but I’m excited!

Well, that’s all for now! I have plenty of new posts to come, so please keep checking back!

And, I’m curious – what other knitting blogs do you enjoy? Please comment below, and let me know! Or, share your favorite fingerless glove pattern?

Ta ta for now,



Teaching Myself & Scarf Update

Hi Friends —

Well, I finished my scarf! I’ll post pictures in the next few weeks. (I’m terrible at uploading photos from my phone, so my apologies.)

In the meantime, I started trying to knit a couple of projects.

In the past few days, I’ve taught myself how to “seed stitch” (also called “moss stitch” in UK) and while I’ve failed to execute it with this super bulky yarn I really love – Universal Yarn Big Time (in Campfire) – because of my novice skills, I have gotten it down in this cowl I’m knitting with one skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Oxford Gray.

In the past 24 hours, I probably restarted the Campfire UY cowl ten times – that’s not even an exaggeration – and then realized I want to pick that yarn back up when I’ve done a few more projects and feel a bit more skilled.

I have a huge project ahead of me: a shawl (from a Revelry pattern that I’ll link to) for a present for someone I love very much.

So right now I’m working on:

Lion Brand Wool-Ease cowl with seed stitch

A knitting project for a class I’m taking (a secret)

Soon, I’ll be starting this shawl.

I’ve found that looking up “how to do X knitting” on YouTube has gotten me through most errors thus far, especially once I cross reference with Debbie Stoller’s classic, Stitch N Bitch. I might make a shout out to some of the blogs, videos and sites that have been super helpful to me when I post next month.

Fellow knitters – what projects are you working on? What were the hardest things to master when you were a beginning knitter?

What kinds of yarn are your favorites?

Happy holidays!