No Time Like Tomorrow (JK)

Hello. It’s me.

~ Adele


I know, I know. I suck. I’m bad a commitment. I let you down. I remind you of that weird uncle that shows up at the parties with the Jell-O no one wants to eat.

Wait. . . that’s what you were going to say, right?

Well. . . this year — which is ALMOST over, holy cow! has been a whirlwind for me. I’m almost done with a graduate degree, but that also means I’ve spent a lot of time recently *not* knitting.

Being Thankful and !#@$

This week, in fact, I knit for the first time in. . . months. I knit for the first time for several days, consecutively, since maybe June. It’s been that long. But the time of Thanksgiving (definition: a US holiday that involves gorging and stuffing ourselves and eating birds in large quantities, as well as, theoretically, experiencing gratitude)  was upon us. And for me, that meant a few days without school! Which meant knitting time.

I’m knitting a gift for a Secret Santa event, which I’m excited about. I won’t go into detail incase any of the potential giftees read this blog, other than to say: Mama workin’ hard.

(I’ve never, ever, ever referred to myself as “mama.” So. New beginnings being made, right here on i is knits.)


IN other news, tomorrow (in the US) is Small Business Saturday. This day, sponsored largely by the credit card company American Express, involves going to small businesses to support your local economy. I love that. I actually do a lot of local-only buying here, in my neighborhood, purely because there are tons of local businesses around. And one of them is. . . the knitting shop!

Not just any knitting shop, but the one where I learned how to knit! The place that (down the line) is the reason I’m writing this blog! Woo!

So I went back. Last year, I attended one knitting night, and I love it there, but my schedule makes it really hard to get out there — despite being so close by. This is OK, but makes things a tiny bit awkward when I remember other people, but it’s been so long that they likely don’t remember me. (It goes without saying that, while an idiot knitter, I have a great memory for people.)

I did make a few purchases. . . two pattern books, as I am trying to SLAY THE STASH. But I did walk away with one new boyf-yarn (whatever, I’m just making up words at this point). It’s called. . .

Schachenmayr Regia

Imagine some striped yarn in greens and neutrals, with SHOCKING BRIGHT YELLOW POPS OF COLOR.


Supposedly, this means it can teach you how to start a sock. Do I fully understand this witchcraft? No.


This is witchcraft, obvs.

So! I’ll let you know how that turns out.

I’m finishing one other knitted present which I look forward to posting on here too!

What are you thankful for this holiday season, if you celebrate? What are you knitting?


i is knits



A Long Day’s Journey into Knit

Hello friends!

So, I was gone! Forgive me. I don’t talk about it much on here,  but I am a graduate student, and March and April up until the first week of May was crunch time for me and I even took a knitting hiatus after the last project i posted – I wasn’t actively knitting, at all, so I didn’t have anything to post.

Well . . .

That has all changed!

Currently I’m working on a pattern called Honey Cowl. It’s originally knit in Madeline Tosh yarn in DK, but I’m knitting a summer version in Berocco Weekend DK, in two colors. . .

The weird wavy shape is because my cable is a bit to small – but essentially it’s a long infinity scarf.


I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend!

Many knitting stores around are having great sales, but I’m holding out to try and #stashdown on what I’ve got.

What are you working on?

Knittering Around

The past month had been, in my non-knitting life, largely insanity. But now! Well, that’s over, at least temporarily. But it was amazing how much my life ate into my knitting time! It was *almost* insulting. (Just kidding.) It’s almost as if my life does not exist entirely for me to knit things? *scoff*

I’ve finished one project (you’ll see a photo on Friday, perchance) and I’m knitting one secret gift for a friend of mine – her birthday is in a few weeks. She lives abroad and we are only pen pals, but i really feel like she could use a gift.

I’m knitting her gift in this beautiful color:


16 – Blue color way from Stonehedge Fiber Mill

I’m a big fan of this yarn. It’s at the higher end of my budget price point ($12.95/skein) but it’s so soft and gorgeous – and for a friend, I’m willing to use good yarn.

Unfortunately, this isn’t too interesting or witty, and for that I apologize. But you know what that song lyric says, “You don’t always get what you want…”


“..but when you try sometimes, you get what you need.”

Cleaning up last year’s mistakes

A fun read about fixing mistakes! I take it as inspiration – and a reminder to swatch, even though I hate it.

knit the hell out

Sigh. What should have been the most straightforward and fast sweater for Matt has turned out to be a bit of a pain. I’m making him an Ease, adapting it to have a narrower neck, no waist curve, and shorter ribbing at the bottom and cuffs. Simple, right? Almost all stockinette with only 2% thinking necessary. Well, somebody (me) got cocky about not needing a gauge swatch, while at the same time going up a needle size. This made the body huge, but of course I didn’t have Matt try it on until it was 10 inches past the armpit. It was 5.5 inches too large. Matt asked how long I thought the sweater might last and I said maybe 10 years. He said, “Well I’ll probably get fatter.” It was very sweet of him, but I preferred him to have a sweater he could wear now

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Idiot Knitter Seeks Knowledge

Dear Knit Folk,

How has the first day of 2015 been for you?

For me, it was pretty productive, knitwise. (See what I did there? I may not always remember what knit wise means, but I can make a mean pun.) I finished the second half of a lace scarf for a Craftsy class. Do you know what Craftsy is? It’s a website that lets you enroll in online courses for various crafts – knitting being one of them. (This isn’t any kind of sponsored mention, I just like the website.) I have access to a LYS, but I didn’t want to pay to take the basics again – and once you enroll in a class, you get permanent/lifetime access to the content you sign up for.

Right now, I’m taking a basic knitting course on Craftsy. I already knew how to knit in a basic way – I’d already completed a garter stitch scarf before, and even a pair of mittens (got a bit overconfident). But, I didn’t know “wrong side,” “right side,” “yarn over,” or how to read a pattern or chart. Knit Lab is helping with that! My one critique would be that though the instructor is available, theoretically, to answer all of your questions, she hasn’t responded to any of mine. I do want to give it a few more days, for benefit of the doubt, but if anyone wants to know who this instructor is or the class, I am happy to reveal that info eventually. All in all, it’s a pretty good class, and I’ve been doing some basic lace work which I wasn’t versed in before.

I plan on taking a few more in-person classes at my LYS in the coming months, but I really enjoy Craftsy. While I wouldn’t necessarily use it to learn fundamentals of something if I was 100% green – for me that’s more of a person-in-real-life thing – I do think it’s a great, more affordable way to build skills. I signed up for two other classes – one about one-skein projects with Chevron patterns, and one that’s about fixing mistakes (which I make a lot of).

Right now, I’m trying to choose what I want my next couple projects to be…

How do you pick? Just by taste? Rav queue? Flip a coin?

I’m caught between queued items and this contest limited to specific designers… and what yarn I have (bought for other projects specifically). What’s an indecisive idiot to do? 😉