A Long Day’s Journey into Knit

Hello friends!

So, I was gone! Forgive me. I don’t talk about it much on here,  but I am a graduate student, and March and April up until the first week of May was crunch time for me and I even took a knitting hiatus after the last project i posted – I wasn’t actively knitting, at all, so I didn’t have anything to post.

Well . . .

That has all changed!

Currently I’m working on a pattern called Honey Cowl. It’s originally knit in Madeline Tosh yarn in DK, but I’m knitting a summer version in Berocco Weekend DK, in two colors. . .

The weird wavy shape is because my cable is a bit to small – but essentially it’s a long infinity scarf.


I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend!

Many knitting stores around are having great sales, but I’m holding out to try and #stashdown on what I’ve got.

What are you working on?


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