Knittering Around

The past month had been, in my non-knitting life, largely insanity. But now! Well, that’s over, at least temporarily. But it was amazing how much my life ate into my knitting time! It was *almost* insulting. (Just kidding.) It’s almost as if my life does not exist entirely for me to knit things? *scoff*

I’ve finished one project (you’ll see a photo on Friday, perchance) and I’m knitting one secret gift for a friend of mine – her birthday is in a few weeks. She lives abroad and we are only pen pals, but i really feel like she could use a gift.

I’m knitting her gift in this beautiful color:


16 – Blue color way from Stonehedge Fiber Mill

I’m a big fan of this yarn. It’s at the higher end of my budget price point ($12.95/skein) but it’s so soft and gorgeous – and for a friend, I’m willing to use good yarn.

Unfortunately, this isn’t too interesting or witty, and for that I apologize. But you know what that song lyric says, “You don’t always get what you want…”


“..but when you try sometimes, you get what you need.”


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