UFO Sighting

Hello, void of the Internet and fellow bloggers, who may or may not read this blog!

(Just kidding – if you’re reading, even if you came over from Rav, I totally appreciate your checking out this little blog.)

BTW – If you want to find me on Ravelry, I’m CraftyBrooklyn.

NOW! Back to business:

The past month has been like one big knitting project with the project being… NO PROJECT AT ALL!

Before you think, “What weird Zen crap is that?” Let me tell you the deets.

I started a pair of mittens (for a Christmas present, and as you can see, it’s Christmas Eve here in the USA) and the first mitten is about one inch too big due to an error in gauge. (My starting gage, because I wasn’t used to DPN’s, was 5.25 sts/inches, and my real gauge was 4.25 sts/inch.) And let me say, before this, I thought, “Swatches suck! Gauge is confusing! Off with their heads!”

TL;DR – I now have 2 mittens that, while they could be called a pair, are dissimilar in shape, so I need to reknit the first one. I might end up giving the person an IOU (I can do that) while I knit the other one as fast as I possibly can.

I also started a shawl in the pattern Hithchiker for my grandmother – also for Dec. 25th, but messed up. It seems like a fool-proof pattern, but I started getting triangle “teeth,” as the pattern calls it, on the other side of the shawl. (How I did that, I have no freaking idea.) I ended up with a little mess and with the time-crunch, so I started knitting a plain scarf in some stash yarn instead. I’m rushing to have it finished for tomorrow.

Basically, I’ve gotten through the month with one kind-of finished project, and two unfinished projects – and this has been a nice change of pace for me, when, in my personal life, I’m obsessed with project – and given many, many deadlines (I’m a writer). It’s been kind of nice – when I started getting nervous, I thought, “What the heck am I getting worried about? It’s just a scarf.” Or a mitten. Or a second mitten. Or whatever.

I hope you are all having a happy holiday!

I know I said I’d do two blogs a month, so expect some photos for my next December 2014 post – can you believe the year is almost over?! And a list of knitting goals for the new year.

Be Merry, Be Well, Drink Cider, Knit Stuff,