It’s a Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s an Unfinished Scarf!


I’ve created and failed at many a blog in my life. It’s true. I started a health and wellness blog, gave that up, and started a book blog, and gave that up.

I know, not a great track record.

Maybe they weren’t giving me enough joy, internally.

So why am I starting this blog?


I’m new to knitting. I’m about as green as they get. I learned about two months ago at Knit One.

I know how to do a knit stitch, but not a purl.

I just taught myself how to cast-on.

I’m trying to finish this scarf  – the finishing off part of finishing, weaving in the tails and such, which is harder than I thought. (And by harder: I mean, it was demonstrated to me, and now that I’m at home, I realize I’ve managed to confuse myself.)

I’m a graduate student in the performing arts at a prestigious university in Pittsburgh. I moved here from Brooklyn, NY. (Pittsburgh great! Go Steelers! Go Bucs!)

I don’t know if I’ll keep up this blog, but I thought it might be fun.

If you’re a PA-based knitter, let me know!

If you’re a blogger-knitter, let me know!

This blog is just to chronicle my adventures in knitting, and be a great break from graduate school.

I’ll be aiming to update it two times a month.

Talk soon,


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